You Own It, We Share It

With Ricci’s, our rental opportunities give you access to a multitude of perks that have taken 70 years to achieve. These include, but are not limited to, prime location, time flexibility, new client flow, on-site education, and a community of artists that encourage your growth & fulfillment.

Keep More of What You Earn

Through time management and income per client, you will earn 100% of the services performed. Through best practices you can take home as much as 100% of the total services & sales you generate! Our on-site business coaching, and creative mentoring will help you be the best that you can be. Cut the dead weight (and split-ends) and keep more of what you earn.

And there’s more good news. How does having access to four top retail brands to offer to your clients sound? You sell the product, you keep 50% of the profit

Take Advantage of the Ricci’s Reputation

The Ricci’s & You program gives you, as an independent stylist, the seal of approval from a hair artist group with 70 years of expertise, and that says a lot to clients. This also means added benefits like the prime location of one of southern Connecticut’s premier beauty brands. Our continuous marketing efforts; social media, local grassroots campaigns, community goodwill, and targeted traditional advertising, generate many new clients per month.

Reap Rewards That Keep On Giving

Ricci’s is a family business, which means when you’re joining us, you’re joining a community of artists. We share artist to artist. That includes everything from our business practices, to the latest trends from our corporate friends (TIGI, WELLA, L’OREAL, REDKIN). Access to on-site advanced education, as well as business & social media classes will enhance your craft for years to come.

So much more than just a salon chair…

Ricci’s & You concierge services include:

Unlock Your Full Potential
with Ricci’s & You

With top of the line salon facilities and years of expertise surrounding you, Ricci’s & You provides the perfect environment to nurture your talent. And with more of your earnings staying in your pocket, you can focus on letting your styling skills blossom, breathing new life into clients’ hair, and putting a smile on more faces.

Our Hair-itage

Back in 1951, Daniel T. Riccio, opened up his trendsetting salon Ricci’s which quickly garnered a local clientele thanks to his reputation for exceptional styling and client care. To this day, Ricci’s remains one of Southern Connecticut’s premier beauty groups, and is home to a multitude of stylists and barbers. With a long history of three generations over 70 years, that legacy of Ricci’s will continue to evolve for many years to come.

Become a Part of the
Ricci’s Family

Ricci’s is a family business – that’s how we stay true to our commitment to sensational styling with top tier service.

In 1983, Daniel D. Riccio stepped into his father’s role and become shop owner and top stylist, exercising his mastery over hair color, dry hair cutting, and styling. During this time he also grew the Ricci’s team into a full fledged community of hair artists.

Fast forward to today, his son Matthew Riccio now oversees the salon and barbershop, utilizing his keen eye for cutting-edge marketing strategies to attract a continuous flow of new clients every month. Matthew also runs the Academy business, which maintains the Riccio family focus on education by building the next generation of avant-garde stylists and barbers through monthly cutting, coloring, and barbering classes.

Meanwhile Daniel D. Riccio Jr. leverages decades of knowledge to guide all the sectors of the Riccio family businesses to new growth, while streamlining & advancing systems. Also under his direction is Ricci’s & You, where he uses his skill set to successfully work with and guide self-employed stylists and barbers by sharing best practices.

Build Your Business The Ricci’s Way

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70 Years of Expertise

Learn our business, help grow yours

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New Clients
Each Month

Take advantage of equitable access to our continuous flow of new clients

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Own Your Time & Money

Build your own brand & schedule while keeping more of the money you generate

Achieve Artistic Flare & Financial
Freedom with Ricci’s

Take your business to the next level with time flexibility, financial freedom, and the countless benefits of joining the Ricci’s community of artists.

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